A simple solution to securely storing client and application secrets when using Google Cloud Platform

Recently, we have been developing a Slack app that imports data to Google Sheets and uses Google Cloud Platform as the backend. In order for this to happen there are several secrets involved. We have made a distinction between the two types of secrets we deal with. User-level secrets are…

Something we should talk about a lot more

Facilitating Discussion

In recent times, the conversation surrounding mental health has shifted from being a topic of stigma to being regarded as something as important as physical health.

Obviously, this resembles huge progress, however, the technology sector still has a long way to go to tackle this epidemic.

A 2019 study, conducted…

Knowledge is the power to make your app better

Getting the most out of Google Play Store reviews for apps is paramount to their success. Here’s how we can powerfully analyze Play Store reviews.

After releasing your app, keeping track of user’s sentiment is the most important task you can do, as this allows you to plan for future…

Rhys Kentish

App developer @brightec. Was once internet famous on a website no-one uses anymore. @rhyskentish on twitter and instagram

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